Nursery educational program

Nursery educational program

Program, means the fragmentation of a given period of time into individual time intervals each dedicated to a different activity whose nature and duration are defined and constant.

The organization of the daily program varies from season to season and that happens as it should be based on objectives that the teacher will put based on the proper development of children. The respect that the nursery school teacher will show when keeping up with daily program is reflected in the children themselves who are the recipients of the whole process.

Based on the abovementioned, at the Nursery Paidiki Anoiksi BABIES we have set an impeccable and properly-structured program which helps in the proper development of the children from the their first steps.

This program contains several topics of discussion, which are carried out according to the season giving the opportunity to the children to enrich their experiences, their learning, to satisfy their curiosity and reality in time and space where they live and where they are surrounded.

The program also includes several organized, music-motor and psychomotor games.

The purpose of these games is to help children:

Get to know their body and learn how to control it

Develop fine eye-hand mobility and coordination

Understand the need to apply rules, as well as the need for cooperation through team games

Understand that every child has his/her own movement preferences, ie learn to respect diversity

Establish proper personal relationships with the educator and other children


Finally, regarding the entertainment of children, songs, dancing, mimic movements, collage, painting, puppet show, fairytales reading and free plays are included.




We work with exemplary pedagogical sensitivity offering a safe environment to our pupils.

We activate the imagination of children, while cultivating their belief in the great values of life: ideals, respect, justice, fulfillment of their obligations, for a creative present and a beautiful future.



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