Preschool Educational Program

Preschool Educational Program

We understand the importance it has in children's lives as an active, social and emotional process of learning the world through experience and all the senses.

Cultivation is defined as a broad development process capacity allowing human beings to learn, develop their capabilities to act, solve problems and form relationships. Cultivation is a process of individual development and formation of a unique character that includes social, cultural and moral aspects. It is an internal process of co-construction, influenced by other people

Cultivation helps every human being, with the acquisition of experience, knowledge and ability, to shape their view of the world. Therefore, it is a process that lasts a lifetime, accompanied by success, but often facing obstacles.

With reference, therefore, to the proper cultivation and smooth development of the child, we structured the educational program at the children department including:

Various topics of discussion depending on the season. Their goal is the mental development of the child. It helps the child to be active and curious to explore reality, to develop a positive attitude towards learning and to enrich the experiences from the natural and social environment.

Also during the school year, children learn various riddles, geography (Greece and 5 continents), mythology (12 gods of Olympus, Labours of Hercules, Adventures of Ulysses) and English (some easy words and expressions). In addition, children learn the Greek letters and numbers in order to develop pre-writing and pre-reading skills and acquire some basic pre-mathematical concepts and procedures.

In this department different psychomotor team games and game songs take place in order to help the children discover and organize their body, to understand some basic concepts of space and time and to develop their very own creative psychomotor expression. In addition, through these games, we are interested in helping the child to create proper personal relationships with other children and the preschoolteacher, to integrate smoothly into the peer-group, to discover the strength of collective effort and to build the values of social life (responsibility, honesty, cooperation, etc.).

Finally, our program includes singing, dancing, fairytales reading, puppet show, theatrical games, drama, collage , crafts, do-it-yourself creations, etc., aiming to entertain the child and encourage expression in a creative way through various forms of art, as well as an aesthetical approach to the nature and works of art, realizing that art is a common way of expression and communication of people.




We work with exemplary pedagogical sensitivity offering a safe environment to our pupils.

We activate the imagination of children, while cultivating their belief in the great values of life: ideals, respect, justice, fulfillment of their obligations, for a creative present and a beautiful future.



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